How to Clean an Aviary

There are a number of things that need to be done in order to keep birds healthy. Apart from good diet, another essential thing is to keep the aviary clean. When birds are home aviary (25)kept in an aviary,it is essential to remove the two things that are found in nature which usually clean their environment which are sunshine and rain. In order to prevent diseases and infections, make sure that the place is clean.

It is ideal to place a rug on the floor to ease cleaning.It is either you use a paper that has not been written on or a litter which are sold to be used in bird cages. If you choose to go with the paper, make sure to change it at least once a day. When using litter,make sure it is racked daily so that the droppings will fall on the bottom and then change it once a week.

Clean the water and food containers daily. It is vital to use hot water and mild soap when cleaning. If there is a dishwasher, this is a good way to disinfect the dishes. After cleaning the containers, get fresh water and food.Wash the walls of the aviary and the perches with mild soap and hot water once a week. In between cleanings,wipe droppings off perches on a daily basis. Buying custom canary cage fronts will help with cleaning as the wire is very fine.

Mix water and vinegar at a ratio of two tablespoon of vinegar to one pint of water. Place the solution inside a spray bottle and then Use it for cleaning plastic surfaces in the aviary once a week. When you are cleaning panels that are plastic,it is recommended to use a soft rug.

When there is need to disinfect, move the birds to another place. When the aviary is always clean, there will not need to disinfect it. To find out more about keeping birds in aviaries, visit http// .

Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Pet

The status of pets has been elevated by many people over the past decade. People no longer view pets as fury little creatures that provide fun and companionship; they’re

Pet rescues all over the world are filled with unwanted dogs

Pet rescues all over the world are filled with unwanted dogs

now considered valid family members and special friends. Pets now have a unique position within society and many people are now making pets a part of their lives unlike they did in the past. Here are five compelling reasons that clearly reveal why people should adopt a pet when they want to make a cat or dog a part of their family.

1. Saving a Life

When a person adopts a pet they’re actually saving a life. This is an important point for future pet owners to know. Many pets are put to sleep each year because shelters and communities cannot afford to care for or to house many of these animals over a long period of time. Pet stores face the same dilemma when they are not able to sell cats or dogs to consumers. Adopting a pet is the best route for keeping a pet alive and for giving them a good life.

2. Get a Healthy Pet

When pets a pet is offered by an agency or organization for adoption they are given the necessary shots and vaccinations that they will need before they are given to future pet owners. They are also kept in good shape by veterinarians and staff members who provide care for these animals. People who decide to adopt a pet will get a healthy animal full of life and love.

3. Save Money

Adopting a pet is also less expensive than purchasing a cat or dog. There are some costs associated with adopting a pet but they are minimal when compared to purchasing a cat or dog from a pet store.

4. Adding a New Member to the Family

People will feel a lot better about themselves when they add a pet to their family because they are in fact bringing a new life under their roof. Pets are living beings and they are often times used to make a home feel complete. People will definitely feel better about their lives and their decision when they adopt a pet.

5. People who adopt Pets won’t Support Puppy Mills or Pet Stores

Puppy mills make it a point to acquire a lot of young dogs (and cats) to sell for a profit. They do not care about the health of the animals that they are marketing to consumers. Their main objective is to make a buck off the sale of pets. Pet stores are in business to make a profit and they too sell animals for a profit. Pet adoption agencies work to protect animals and not harm them for a quick buck.

Good Pets for Flats

Obviously, if you are living in a flat a Great Dane is not your ideal pet. Living in a flat usually means that you have either no access to a garden or access only to a controlled,

Large dogs are not the best pets for flats

Large dogs are not the best pets for flats

communal garden area. This makes it inconvenient, if you wish to have a larger animal as a pet. However, there are many small animals that are ideal for indoor pets.

Caged animals, that are easy to look after, are an obvious choice. Small furry animals appeal to everyone. You can choose from hamsters, gerbils, mice and rats. All these creatures can be readily accustomed to being handled and make attractive pets. Make sure that their cages are regularly cleaned to avoid unwanted smells. The cage should be escape proof as these cute animals are rodents and can make holes in furniture fabric very rapidly. Rabbits and guinea pigs need somewhat larger caging but adapt well to the indoor life. Rabbits in particular love showing off to people, but left to their own devices can cause damage through gnawing.

Birds are a very varied species and there are many that are suitable as decorative, caged pets. Finches are popular for their bright, distinguished plumage, while canaries are loved for their singing. Budgerigars are a good choice, as this intelligent bird quickly forms a rapport with its owner. Other types of parrots are not such usual choices as they require more care and attention.

Aquariums can be filled with a wide range of different types of fish. The diversity found amongst tropical fish guarantees a tank full of moving colours and stripes. There are so many that choosing is difficult. Regular water treatment is needed for healthy fish. Small turtles live well in indoor tanks and hermit crabs have made an entrance in the market as novel and interesting pets.

A lack of garden does not exclude cats and dogs from the selection of suitable pets. Cats are very adaptable, though scratching poles are a good idea. Picking a dog, obviously, depends on the size of your flat. A small or toy dog would be a better election and easier to keep well exercised. To avoid cat and dog smells building up, it might be advisable to spay or neuter your pet. Strong smelling dogs can benefit from regular bathing and grooming. Cats are very clean animals but it is helpful to brush them to remove dead hair.

Dangerous Dog Toys List

If you see a toy in your local pet store, don’t automatically assume that it will be safe for your pet. Many toys are quite dangerous but owners do not consider this, as they automatically assume that the store would not be selling the toy if it were possibly dangerous.

Many owners buy their dogs a tennis ball as dogs adore the way they bounce and can spend many hours of fun chasing after them. However a tennis ball is quite a dangerous toy for a big dog, as their jaws will open wide enough that they could possibly swallow the ball. The glue used on tennis balls can also damage the enamel of the dog’s teeth.

dangerous dog toys list

Tennis balls are on the dangerous dog toys list

Plush toys intended for decoration or for young children are not suitable for dogs and therefore not sold in pet shops. Do not give your dog toys that are intended for humans; the materials used could be potentially dangerous to a dog if he decides to rip the toy pieces.

Dogs should never be given plastic toys. Their sharp teeth may break the toy and caused damage to their guns. If the dog were to swallow part of the toy it could severely damage his digestive tract and possibly choke him.

Balloons seem like a fun option for dog,s but when popped may damage the dog’s mouth, eyes or nose. If your dog swallows a deflated balloon it could get caught in his intestines and result in the need for an operation or even kill him.

Dogs should have toys, and a good choice is a vinyl dog toy which is easily compressed to suit the bite of any dog regardless of his size. Most have squeakers that dogs like, and are a good option for playing fetch and catch games.

How To Groom Your Dog Properly

Many of us simply cannot afford to take our dogs to a professional dog groomer regularly. This doesn’t change the fact that it is essential to keep up a regular grooming doggroomingroutine to avoid any problems that may require medical attention. Lack of grooming can result in long sharp nails, ingrowing toenails, impacted anal glands and skin conditions. So although you may initially think that grooming your dog is for aesthetic reasons, it is actually important for overall good health. You should groom your dog approximately once per month, as it can also be detrimental to a dogs skin and fur to bathe them too often.

How to Groom:

It is difficult to groom your dog at home without some basic equipment. The two most important tools are a good dog fur brush and some nail clippers. If you attempt to clip your dogs nails with scissors or pliers you could potentially cause harm to your dogs claws and feet. A decent dog brush and a pair of nail clippers shouldn’t be too expensive and will be a good investment for the future.

  • Brushing – Long-haired dog breeds will need brushing more often than short haired, and when a dog is shedding fur you may have to brush him numerous times per day. Make sure not to miss any areas like the belly, tail and under the collar.
  • Nail Clipping – Care should be taken when nail clipping as it is very easy to clip too much away and hit a blood vessel. If this happens it will be painful for your dog and could make it difficult for him to walk for a few days. If the nails have grown excessively long then you may have to clip away more, but on a regular basis it should only be 2mm once per month. Walking on hard surfaces like tarmac will help to keep the dog’s claws naturally shorter.
  • Teeth – Gum disease is very common in older dogs, and occurs because there is a build up of plaque and bacteria in the mouth. By brushing your dogs teeth once a week this can be avoided. To brush a dog’s teeth simply get a tooth brush and gently brush his teeth using hot water and baking soda. Some animals will not allow you to do this, in which case you may have to buy some spray from a pet store – the spray will help to kill bacteria and clean teeth without the need for brushing.
  • Bathing – Once you have brushed the fur you can move on to bathing. Some dogs will love being bathed, while the majority will absolutely hate it. Ideally you should wash your dog in a bath tub and use special doggy shampoo. Ensure you rinse the shampoo off thoroughly as if there is any shampoo residue left on the skin it could cause itching and skin problems. Remove the dog’s collar while washing and do not put it back on until the dog is completely dry. Towel dry your dog initially and blow dry if necessary, however do not blow dry on a high heat setting as this could dry out the dog’s skin.
  • Anal Glands – Probably the least favourite job for a dog owner is expressing the anal glands. If your dog rubs his bottom along the ground or is constantly licking it, then his anal glands may be full. It is preferable to get a vet to do this job, however you can do it yourself if this is not possible. Locate the anal glands by feeling around the outside of your dogs anus. Gently squeeze them whist holding a cloth or tissue over the anus to catch the fluid.

The Best Pets for Comfort and Friendship

There are many reasons why people turn to pets for comfort and friendship, whether it be that they live alone, are growing older and do not have the energy for a spritely pet or have recently lost a loved one. Pets provide love and warmth in a way that people cannot as they do not judge you or let you down. When you are feeling low it is hard not to feel happy and smile when you see an animal, which is why so many people have pets.

One of the best pets for comfort and friendship is a dog. This is because dogs are generally very loyal and attached to their owners, meaning that they will come and sit on your DIGITAL CAMERAlap or next to you on the sofa. They can go everywhere with you, whether that be on holiday, for a walk or to a cafe. This can be a great comfort and support for somebody who lives alone. Dogs often respond to their owner’s emotions and when they see their owner crying they will show concern by licking their owner’s faces. This just shows how much emotion animal’s feel for their owners. Depending on the breed, a dog will live between 10 and 15 years or even longer, which means you will have many years with your pet before you have the heartache of losing him.

Another good pet for comfort and friendship is a cat, even though they aren’t quite as loyal as dogs. Cats like to explore and wander, although this lessens as they get older. Cats make excellent pets for people who do not have the ability to walk a dog, whether due to time schedule or their health, as cats can be let out to entertain themselves. When cats are indoors they enjoy cuddles and strokes, and will usually stay on your lap for hours. Although other pets, such as rabbits and horses are good for comfort and friendship, they are not able to be with you all the time in the same way cats and dogs are. Cats and dogs make wonderful pets, which is why they are the most popular pets in the country.

Whats The Cheapest Pets To Look After?

Unfortunately pets can be very expensive to look after, because you will have to pay for their food, housing and vet bills, which can be simply too much for the average family in today’s economy. However not all pets need to cost an arm and a leg, and it is still possible to own a pet even if you do not have a lot of money.


Goldfish make low maintenance cheap pets

This may not fill you with excitement and surprise but probably the cheapest pet to own is a goldfish. The majority of people will have won a goldfish at a fair, only to bring it home to the moans and groans of their parents – “Not another one!”. Goldfish may not be extremely unusual or exciting but they make cheap pets which will light up a room and interest young children. Often it is a case of getting a cheap fish tank, some interesting plants or ornaments for inside the tank and then a few fish. This will be a fairly small outlay and then after that it costs virtually nothing to look after the fish. There are some interesting varieties of fish to choose from and you needn’t buy a standard goldfish. Not only are they cheap to look after, but also relatively easy.

Another cheap pet to care for is a hamster and other small rodents. To care for a hamster you simply need the one of cost of a spacious cage and some toys, and then you will need to regularly pay for food and bedding. However for two hamsters you will probably only need to buy one bag of food and bedding per month, which are cheap anyway. Hamsters are cuddly and friendly once tamed and are definitely a favourite with children. When calculating the cost of a pet you should consider how long it is likely to live. You may be able to afford to look after a pet now, but what about in a few years time? This is why goldfish and hamsters are often a sensible choices for people in financial difficulty.

The Best Pet’s for Fun

When we are looking for a new pet it is usually because we want to add fun, humour and joy into our lives. Pet’s give us motivation, love, a constant source of amusement and something to talk about. For many of us, our lives would be very dull indeed without a pet by our sides! For active young people or families with children a pet that is fun is the most important attribute, so what are the best pets for fun?

In my opinion there isn’t a more fun pet than a dog. Unlike small furries, cats and exotic animals, dogs are able to come with you just about anywhere. You can take them to play fetch on the beach, swimming in the river and to the local pub with you for your dinner! This means that no matter where you are you can be having fun with your pet dog! On top of this you can easily play games with your dog, such as catch, tig, fetch and teaching him tricks. This kind of play is a great stimulation and motivation for children, helping to get them off the sofa and outdoors playing with the dog! There are many breeds of dogs to choose from and they all will have different personalities, some will be more inclined to play and perform tricks than others and not all dogs will get on well with children. Breeds that are renowned for their playful qualities include labradors and Spaniels. It is always worthwhile considering getting a dog from a rescue centre, because you are able to get a slightly older dog that will have had it’s personality assessed.

Another fun pet to consider getting is a kitten. Cats are quite aloof animals that like to come and go as they please, but for some owners this is a major plus. Cats will play with

Kittens make a fun addition to any household

Kittens make a fun addition to any household

toys because they like to pretend they are hunting when they play, and unlike dogs you can easily leave them for an extended period of time, which is key for people who work long hours.

Finally if you want a pet that isn’t run of the mill then you could consider a pet pig! It is actually becoming more and more popular to own a pig because they make fun and amusing pets. Pet pigs are playful, affectionate and many interesting behaviours like digging. You can even take your pet pig for a walk. The downside to a pet pig is that it is necessary to get a license to own one, which can be quite pricey and long-winded. Whether you choose to get a pet pig or any other type of animal it is essential to acknowledge the responsibility of owning an animal. Although pets are great fun, there are also not so fun jobs involved with owning a pet such as clearing up their mess and paying for vet bills. Providing you are properly prepared for your new pet, you will have many years of fun to come.

Top Five Scary Pets

Pets owned by the masses usually include either dogs and cats but there are in fact many other creatures and critters that some people prefer to keep as pets. They may not be for everyone though as some might find them a little creepy or even downright scary! Take note though, if you are considering getting an unusual or exotic pet, you need to be well aware of all the extra effort, cost and other requirements that go along with keeping these types of pets.

1. Tarantula



Arachnophobia is the term used to describe the fear of spiders and is also the title of a terrifying film which helped to instil an intense phobia of spiders in thousands upon thousands of unsuspecting movie goers way back in 1990. The very name itself is enough to make some people weep with fear and if you’ve ever seen one of these gigantic spiders in real life then you should be able to appreciate why they are so feared. What makes tarantulas so scary as oppose to regular spiders is not that they are the most venomous (in fact most tarantulas are relatively harmless to humans) but that they are so huge.

2. Snakes

If you were to conduct a quick poll of peoples top animal fears it’s more than likely that a sizeable amount would respond with either spiders or snakes. Popular snakes to keep as pets include the ball python, corn snakes, king snakes and milk snakes.

Snakes can actually be quite good pets if they are treated well and handled often but some snakes such as reticulated pythons, anacondas and many of the venomous snakes ought to be avoided at all costs as, although rare, serious injury and even deaths have been inflicted on pets, children and adults in the past.

3. Scorpions

Scorpions seem to becoming increasing popular as pets and one of the more common types kept as a pet is the emperor scorpion. With a sting comparable to that of a bee or wasp and quite a docile nature they make for pretty good pets. Although the sting is not powerful enough to cause death in itself, if the poor victim of the sting suffers an anaphylactic shock then the emperor scorpion can certainly be considered to be pretty scary!

4. Stick insect

Personally I find stick insects to be fascinating creatures and I could easily spend many hours watching them, but for a lot of people they invoke sheer terror at the mere mention of their name. Stick insects which seem to provoke a particularly strong interest include insects which are camouflaged to look like twigs or leaves. The fact that they look like a stick or a twig means that you may not even realise they were there…which is perhaps the scariest part. They are relatively easy pets to look after and are often favoured by children, although they do tend to breed and you may end up with more than you bargained for!